How to Make Storage Work for You

How to Make Storage Work for You

What to Look for in Business Storage Services

Georgia Gutierrez

Is your business going through a period of flux? If the answer is yes, you may find yourself in need of more space. Rather than tying yourself into renting additional offices, it's worth looking into business storage services. Here's what to look for when you choose yours.

24-Hour Security

If you're going to the effort of storing your business's goods, they probably have a monetary value. As such, you'll need to protect them against potential thieves. Choose a storage unit that has 24-hour security so that you can keep your items safe. Additionally, look at the storage provider's access control measures and intruder alarm systems. Ideally, you'll choose a provider with strict access control and alarms that benefit from around-the-clock monitoring.

Excellent Fire Precautions

Fire prevention is both yours and the storage provider's responsibility. To uphold your end of the bargain, you should avoid overcrowding your unit, as doing so can encourage a fire to spread faster. You should also discuss your needs when storing extra-flammable substances, as not all providers have the right measures in place for doing so. The unit you rent should benefit from a robust fire detection system that benefits from periodic testing. If it doesn't, look elsewhere for business storage services.

Flexible Renting Terms

One of the biggest benefits of using a storage service rather than additional office space is that you avoid lengthy rental contracts. A storage service provider can usually offer flexible rental terms. As a result, you can use the facility when you do need extra space and then bring the contract to an end when business volumes reduce. Make sure you read the provider's terms and conditions carefully, though. Some may have a minimum notice period, so make sure you find one that works for you.

Access Times

Consider the times your business operates in and whether the storage provider you're looking at complements them. For example, if you open at 7 AM and need to restock at 6 AM, you may need a business storage service that allows access at 5 AM. If the times are too tight or restrictive, your storage provider may not complement your business at all. 

Delivery Acceptance

Finally, if you regularly accept deliveries of new stock, does the storage provider accept them on your behalf? Finding one that does can save you a lot of time and money. While the provider signs your goods in, you can remain at your usual operation site dealing with everyday matters.


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